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Time Syscall Op Syscall Name
2018-12-17T21:59:52.422147737Z 224 PC: 12d2e | UNKNOWN!
2018-12-17T21:59:52.424215695Z 74 PC: 12bb2 | Reallocate memory
2018-12-17T21:59:52.425563868Z 53 PC: 12bb7 | Get interrupt vector (Interrupt = '33' AKA 'Random read')
2018-12-17T21:59:52.426722551Z 37 PC: 12bcb | Set interrupt vector (Interrupt = '33' AKA 'Random read')
2018-12-17T21:59:52.428882936Z 42 PC: 12bfb | Get date 0x12bfb: mov byte ptr cs:[0xe], 0
0x12c01: cmp cx, 0x7c6
0x12c05: je 0x12c37
0x12c07: cmp al, 5
0x12c09: jne 0x12c18
0x12c0b: cmp dl, 0xf
0x12c0e: jb 0x12c18
0x12c10: inc byte ptr cs:[0xe]
0x12c15: jmp 0x12c37
0x12c17: nop
0x12c18: mov ax, 0x3508
0x12c1b: int 0x21
0x12c1d: mov word ptr cs:[0x13], bx
0x12c22: mov word ptr cs:[0x15], es
0x12c27: push cs
0x12c28: pop ds
0x12c29: mov word ptr [0x1f], 0x3f48
0x12c2f: mov ax, 0x2508
0x12c32: mov dx, 0x21e
0x12c35: int 0x21
2018-12-17T21:59:52.431460366Z 53 PC: 12c1d | Get interrupt vector (Interrupt = '8' AKA 'Console input without echo')
2018-12-17T21:59:52.433176189Z 37 PC: 12c37 | Set interrupt vector (Interrupt = '8' AKA 'Console input without echo')
2018-12-17T21:59:52.4348409Z 75 PC: 12c43 | Execute program
2018-12-17T21:59:52.4501961Z 9 PC: 132bc | Display string (Could not find end pointer)
2018-12-17T21:59:52.456037431Z 76 PC: 132c1 | Terminate with return code (Return code = '0')
2018-12-17T21:59:52.459420325Z 73 PC: 12c49 | Release memory
2018-12-17T21:59:52.461683691Z 77 PC: 12c4d | Get program return code
2018-12-17T21:59:52.46405824Z 49 PC: 12c5b | Terminate and stay resident (Return code = '0' | Memory size = '112')