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Time Syscall Op Syscall Name
2018-12-17T22:01:00.173508937Z 26 PC: 12a92 | Set disk transfer address
2018-12-17T22:01:00.178369249Z 71 PC: 12aad | Get current directory
2018-12-17T22:01:00.181676584Z 59 PC: 12ab4 | Change current directory
2018-12-17T22:01:00.185920677Z 78 PC: 12b63 | Find first file
2018-12-17T22:01:00.193297056Z 78 PC: 12b63 | Find first file
2018-12-17T22:01:00.200113151Z 67 PC: 12d72 | Get or set file attributes
2018-12-17T22:01:00.213650738Z 61 PC: 12ba8 | Open file (Filename = 'SLEEP.COM')
2018-12-17T22:01:00.225076649Z 63 PC: 12bb7 | Read file or device (Read 24 bytes on handle 5)
2018-12-17T22:01:00.232344876Z 66 PC: 12c7e | Move file pointer
2018-12-17T22:01:00.234031885Z 64 PC: 12c97 | Write file or device (Write 19 bytes on handle 5)
2018-12-17T22:01:00.236531825Z 66 PC: 12ca0 | Move file pointer
2018-12-17T22:01:00.238314706Z 64 PC: 12cb1 | Write file or device (Write 798 bytes on handle 5)
2018-12-17T22:01:00.246598209Z 87 PC: 12cbe | Get or set file date and time
2018-12-17T22:01:00.248011419Z 62 PC: 12cc2 | Close file
2018-12-17T22:01:00.258540579Z 67 PC: 12d72 | Get or set file attributes
2018-12-17T22:01:00.281546903Z 59 PC: 12cd4 | Change current directory
2018-12-17T22:01:00.285883528Z 42 PC: 12cd8 | Get date 0x12cd8: cmp dx, word ptr [0x3d1]
0x12cdc: jne 0x12d0c
0x12cde: mov ah, 0x2c
0x12ce0: int 0x21
0x12ce2: cmp ch, byte ptr [0x3d3]
0x12ce6: jb 0x12d0c
0x12ce8: mov cx, 0xc8
0x12ceb: xor dx, dx
0x12ced: mov al, 0x19
0x12cef: cmp al, 1
0x12cf1: jne 0x12cf5
0x12cf3: xor al, al
0x12cf5: cmp al, 0xff
0x12cf7: jne 0x12cfb
0x12cf9: mov al, 1
0x12cfb: push ax
0x12cfc: push cx
0x12cfd: int 0x26
0x12cff: add sp, 2
0x12d02: pop cx
2018-12-17T22:01:00.288541412Z 76 PC: 12a45 | Terminate with return code (Return code = '0')