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Time Syscall Op Syscall Name
2018-12-17T21:51:33.617613513Z 48 PC: 12a69 | Get DOS version
2018-12-17T21:51:33.620021737Z 47 PC: 12a75 | Get disk transfer address
2018-12-17T21:51:33.621748269Z 26 PC: 12a84 | Set disk transfer address
2018-12-17T21:51:33.623450517Z 78 PC: 12b05 | Find first file
2018-12-17T21:51:33.630458136Z 67 PC: 12b3d | Get or set file attributes
2018-12-17T21:51:33.636302503Z 67 PC: 12b4d | Get or set file attributes
2018-12-17T21:51:33.658811999Z 61 PC: 12b57 | Open file (Filename = 'SLEEP.COM')
2018-12-17T21:51:33.678162189Z 87 PC: 12b63 | Get or set file date and time
2018-12-17T21:51:33.679517273Z 44 PC: 12b6d | Get time 0x12b6d: and dh, 7
0x12b70: jmp 0x12b82
0x12b72: mov ah, 0x40
0x12b74: mov cx, 5
0x12b77: mov dx, si
0x12b79: add dx, 0x8a
0x12b7d: int 0x21
0x12b7f: jmp 0x12be3
0x12b81: nop
0x12b82: mov ah, 0x3f
0x12b84: mov cx, 3
0x12b87: mov dx, 0xa
0x12b8a: add dx, si
0x12b8c: int 0x21
0x12b8e: jb 0x12be3
0x12b90: cmp ax, 3
0x12b93: jne 0x12be3
0x12b95: mov ax, 0x4202
0x12b98: mov cx, 0
0x12b9b: mov dx, 0
2018-12-17T21:51:33.681560268Z 63 PC: 12b8e | Read file or device (Read 3 bytes on handle 5)
2018-12-17T21:51:33.68855674Z 66 PC: 12ba0 | Move file pointer
2018-12-17T21:51:33.690081953Z 64 PC: 12bc3 | Write file or device (Write 608 bytes on handle 5)
2018-12-17T21:51:33.697916928Z 66 PC: 12bd5 | Move file pointer
2018-12-17T21:51:33.69999788Z 64 PC: 12be3 | Write file or device (Write 3 bytes on handle 5)
2018-12-17T21:51:33.706724653Z 87 PC: 12bf4 | Get or set file date and time
2018-12-17T21:51:33.708262514Z 62 PC: 12bf8 | Close file
2018-12-17T21:51:33.715957415Z 67 PC: 12c05 | Get or set file attributes
2018-12-17T21:51:33.726508729Z 26 PC: 12c0f | Set disk transfer address