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Time Syscall Op Syscall Name
2018-12-17T22:05:10.927547913Z 224 PC: 12d75 | UNKNOWN!
2018-12-17T22:05:10.928806636Z 53 PC: 12d84 | Get interrupt vector (Interrupt = '33' AKA 'Random read')
2018-12-17T22:05:10.929842549Z 37 PC: 12d94 | Set interrupt vector (Interrupt = '33' AKA 'Random read')
2018-12-17T22:05:10.930878796Z 53 PC: 12d99 | Get interrupt vector (Interrupt = '8' AKA 'Console input without echo')
2018-12-17T22:05:10.932441743Z 37 PC: 12da9 | Set interrupt vector (Interrupt = '8' AKA 'Console input without echo')
2018-12-17T22:05:10.933488944Z 44 PC: 12dad | Get time 0x12dad: mov byte ptr [0x12c], ch
0x12db1: mov byte ptr [0x12d], cl
0x12db5: mov byte ptr [0x12e], dh
0x12db9: mov ax, word ptr cs:[0x2c]
0x12dbd: mov ds, ax
0x12dbf: xor si, si
0x12dc1: mov al, byte ptr [si]
0x12dc3: cmp al, 1
0x12dc5: je 0x12dca
0x12dc7: inc si
0x12dc8: jmp 0x12dc1
0x12dca: inc si
0x12dcb: inc si
0x12dcc: mov dx, si
0x12dce: mov ax, cs
0x12dd0: mov es, ax
0x12dd2: mov bx, 0x5a
0x12dd5: mov ah, 0x4a
0x12dd7: int 0x21
0x12dd9: mov bx, word ptr cs:[0x81]
2018-12-17T22:05:10.935460977Z 74 PC: 12dd9 | Reallocate memory
2018-12-17T22:05:10.936870733Z 75 PC: 12e01 | Execute program
2018-12-17T22:05:10.951293127Z 76 PC: 19fb8 | Terminate with return code (Return code = '235')
2018-12-17T22:05:10.954127098Z 49 PC: 12e16 | Terminate and stay resident (Return code = '0' | Memory size = '84')