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Time Syscall Op Syscall Name
2018-12-17T22:18:49.211667775Z 224 PC: 12c16 | UNKNOWN!
2018-12-17T22:18:49.21358587Z 74 PC: 12c67 | Reallocate memory
2018-12-17T22:18:49.215531098Z 74 PC: 12c6b | Reallocate memory
2018-12-17T22:18:49.21725407Z 74 PC: 9f448 | Reallocate memory
2018-12-17T22:18:49.225583615Z 42 PC: 9f469 | Get date 0x9f469: cmp cx, word ptr [0x17f]
0x9f46d: jb 0x9f490
0x9f46f: ja 0x9f47f
0x9f471: cmp dh, byte ptr [0x182]
0x9f475: jb 0x9f490
0x9f477: ja 0x9f47f
0x9f479: cmp dl, byte ptr [0x181]
0x9f47d: jb 0x9f490
0x9f47f: mov al, 0x13
0x9f481: mov dx, 0x779
0x9f484: mov bx, 0x15f
0x9f487: call 0x9f840
0x9f48a: mov word ptr [0x168], 0x4f4f
0x9f490: mov al, 8
0x9f492: mov dx, 0x741
0x9f495: mov bx, 0x15b
0x9f498: call 0x9f840
0x9f49b: and byte ptr [0x167], 0xf1
0x9f4a0: jmp 0x9f88f
0x9f4a3: xor al, al
2018-12-17T22:18:49.229492695Z 76 PC: 12b1d | Terminate with return code (Return code = '132')