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Time Syscall Op Syscall Name
2018-12-17T22:21:18.065131234Z 44 PC: 14099 | Get time 0x14099: cmp cl, 0xa
0x1409c: ret
0x1409d: xchg ax, di
0x1409e: out dx, ax
0x1409f: lodsb al, byte ptr [si]
0x140a0: push bx
0x140a1: push ax
0x140a2: mov bx, word ptr [si + 0x430]
0x140a6: mov al, byte ptr [si + 0x13d]
0x140aa: and al, 0x1f
0x140ac: cmp al, 0x1c
0x140ae: jb 0x140c7
0x140b0: mov cl, byte ptr [si + 0x42f]
0x140b4: inc cl
0x140b6: and cl, 3
0x140b9: mov byte ptr [si + 0x42f], cl
0x140bd: mov al, 6
0x140bf: mul cl
0x140c1: mov word ptr [si + 0x430], ax
0x140c5: mov bx, ax
2018-12-17T22:21:18.067527446Z 9 PC: 13dc6 | Display string (String= 'Hello - Copyright S & S International, 1990 ')