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Time Syscall Op Syscall Name
2018-12-17T22:25:08.085862666Z 171 PC: 12ea0 | UNKNOWN!
2018-12-17T22:25:08.08745176Z 74 PC: 12eae | Reallocate memory
2018-12-17T22:25:08.089656048Z 74 PC: 12eb6 | Reallocate memory
2018-12-17T22:25:08.091427197Z 72 PC: 12ebd | Allocate memory
2018-12-17T22:25:08.093424598Z 53 PC: 12edc | Get interrupt vector (Interrupt = '33' AKA 'Random read')
2018-12-17T22:25:08.106834971Z 37 PC: 12eec | Set interrupt vector (Interrupt = '33' AKA 'Random read')
2018-12-17T22:25:08.109835707Z 61 PC: 9f886 | Open file (Filename = '')
2018-12-17T22:25:08.122081171Z 87 PC: 9f896 | Get or set file date and time
2018-12-17T22:25:08.125391579Z 63 PC: 9f8b2 | Read file or device (Read 3 bytes on handle 5)
2018-12-17T22:25:08.138700675Z 66 PC: 9f9b4 | Move file pointer
2018-12-17T22:25:08.140991459Z 44 PC: 9fb1b | Get time 0x9fb1b: push ds
0x9fb1c: pop es
0x9fb1d: mov ax, dx
0x9fb1f: and ax, 3
0x9fb22: cmp al, 3
0x9fb24: jne 0x9fb2a
0x9fb26: nop
0x9fb27: nop
0x9fb28: dec al
0x9fb2a: mov cl, 3
0x9fb2c: mul cl
0x9fb2e: mov si, 0x3b2
0x9fb31: add si, ax
0x9fb33: mov di, 0xd
0x9fb36: movsb byte ptr es:[di], byte ptr [si]
0x9fb37: inc di
0x9fb38: inc di
0x9fb39: movsw word ptr es:[di], word ptr [si]
0x9fb3a: mov ax, dx
0x9fb3c: shr ax, 2
2018-12-17T22:25:08.145113566Z 44 PC: 9fb7e | Get time 0x9fb7e: mov ax, dx
0x9fb80: shr ax, 3
0x9fb83: and ax, 3
0x9fb86: cmp al, 3
0x9fb88: jne 0x9fb8e
0x9fb8a: nop
0x9fb8b: nop
0x9fb8c: dec al
0x9fb8e: mov cl, 9
0x9fb90: mul cl
0x9fb92: mov si, 0x3e8
0x9fb95: add si, ax
0x9fb97: mov di, 0
0x9fb9a: movsw word ptr es:[di], word ptr [si]
0x9fb9b: movsw word ptr es:[di], word ptr [si]
0x9fb9c: movsw word ptr es:[di], word ptr [si]
0x9fb9d: movsw word ptr es:[di], word ptr [si]
0x9fb9e: movsb byte ptr es:[di], byte ptr [si]
0x9fb9f: mov ax, dx
0x9fba1: shr ax, 1
2018-12-17T22:25:08.148774379Z 44 PC: 9fae5 | Get time 0x9fae5: mov word ptr [0x1d], dx
0x9fae9: mov word ptr [0x45], dx
0x9faed: mov word ptr [0x417], dx
0x9faf1: call 0xafacf
0x9faf4: mov ah, 0x40
0x9faf6: mov cx, 0x6a
0x9faf9: xor dx, dx
0x9fafb: int 0x21
0x9fafd: call 0xafacf
0x9fb00: call 0x9fb04
0x9fb03: ret
0x9fb04: mov ax, word ptr [0x155]
0x9fb07: mov word ptr [0x35], ax
0x9fb0a: mov ax, word ptr [0x157]
0x9fb0d: mov word ptr [0x37], ax
0x9fb10: call 0xaf6e8
0x9fb13: call 0xafacf
0x9fb16: ret
0x9fb17: mov ah, 0x2c
0x9fb19: int 0x21
2018-12-17T22:25:08.151957639Z 64 PC: 9fafd | Write file or device (Write 106 bytes on handle 5)
2018-12-17T22:25:08.499449133Z 64 PC: 9f6f9 | Write file or device (Write 1231 bytes on handle 5)
2018-12-17T22:25:08.508288328Z 66 PC: 9f9d3 | Move file pointer
2018-12-17T22:25:08.510229177Z 64 PC: 9f9dd | Write file or device (Write 3 bytes on handle 5)
2018-12-17T22:25:08.516984965Z 87 PC: 9fa3f | Get or set file date and time
2018-12-17T22:25:08.520118588Z 62 PC: 9fa43 | Close file
2018-12-17T22:25:08.528225186Z 61 PC: 12f07 | Open file (Filename = 'X Y')
2018-12-17T22:25:08.535846683Z 62 PC: 12f0c | Close file